March 21, 2012

Maple Sabbath

Filed under: Children and Families,Stewardship of the Environment — by Lisa Meeder Turnbull @ 3:26 pm

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof

The family thinks I was born with maple sap in my veins. I wouldn’t be surprised—of all the signs of spring, none makes my heart smile like seeing tap lines in the dull, leafless forest.

When the trees awaken to the cycle of warm days and cold nights, I know that steam from the boiling shack will soon replace the wood smoke from my neighbor’s chimney. I know that I need to drive a bit more carefully as animals come out of hibernation and scurry to build nests and stock in fresh stores for new families. It makes me wonder what it must be like to be God, to take such joy in creation, to delight in all creatures great and small, to know that it is good.

This week we celebrate Maine Maple Sunday. Thankful that Sunday is always a Feast Day, we will set aside our Lenten discipline and open our senses to the stirrings of spring—the awakening forest, the hospitality of farms and families, the fellowship of strangers in the feast of pancakes and sausage and baked beans. We’ll take a break from complaining about mud season and put on our mud boots to follow the lines from tree to bucket to sled to boiling pan. We’ll load up on more than we can carry—maple syrup, maple sugar, maple cotton candy….

Thus will be our Sabbath: The Word of the Lord in the stories we tell and the memories we make; a Psalm of joy and gladness as the trees clap their hands; a celebration of the earth and the fullness thereof.

It almost makes me tempted to squeak out a rogue Alleluia.


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