December 21, 2012

Inner Voices

Filed under: Children and Families,Lectionary,Social Gospel — by Lisa Meeder Turnbull @ 6:13 pm

It’s a scene that plays out every day, in coffee shops, airports, and family gatherings…

Mary! You don’t even have to tell me—I can see it in your face! I’m so happy for you!! Oh my gosh…you are absolutely radiant. When are you due?

Mary could have responded so differently…

Well, yeah… It kinda came out of nowhere. But Joseph is being great about it. We’ve both been having some weird dreams, though…

And you too, Elizabeth? This is so cool! We have a lot to talk about.

But Mary doesn’t answer from her head, or even from her heart. She answers from her soul. She is so full of the blessing that has come upon her that she can only respond from the deepest core of her very being.

Mary listened to her inner voice, to our salvation.

Adam Lanza listened to his inner voice, to our horror.

This week, as the headlines delivered increasingly difficult images and insights, as rhetoric about gun control and mental illness and health care swirled through the airwaves, I found myself taking comfort in the Magnificat. Some days I read it three or four times.

The Magnificat speaks to me in this moment because I do not believe that the real topic at hand is guns, or video games, or who should have done what differently. My concern is for the profound brokenness that allows a soul to forget the greatness of the Lord. My pain comes from the heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching tragedy of seeing a beloved child of God become so broken that his spirit no longer rejoices in God his Savior. When a soul forgets God’s promise of mercy in every generation, how can one possibly value others as equally beloved?

On this Fourth Sunday of Advent, the Sunday of Peace, this is the dialogue I believe we owe to the 27 precious souls who join the heavenly host: What concrete action will I take toward a world in which all souls walk in the light? How do I show mercy to those who would be robbed of their soul’s desire to magnify the Lord?


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